Adtec and BrightSign HD media players
Playback Equipment

Picture This offers a full encoding and programming service with these players

Adtec SignEdje S80

Weekly rate - £60.00

8 currently available for hire

Up to 35% discount on bookings


The Adtec SignEdje S80 is an industry standard digital media player and decoder for HD MPEG2 and AVC/H.264 high definition video. The SignEdje can playout all standard 720/1080i/p formats and frame rates.


Syncronise perfect, frame accurate playback for multi-channel installations. Can also control other devices such as multi track audio players locked to timecode.


Easily controlled and setup using an embedded Web user interface.


Ideal source player for our HD native range of Panasonic projectors.


Our installations include White Cube, Artes Mundi 4, IKON Eastside and Picture This atelier.





RCA stereo

SPDIF digital uncompressed stereo or 5.1 surround audio


BrightSign HD1010 and HD210

Weekly rate - £36.00

5 currently available for hire

Up to 35% discount on bookings


Solid state high definition media players, output the same picture quality as Adtec SignEdje but where frame accurate sync playback is not critical.


Optional with our HD1010 is a custom built, four button box with Play, Pause, Stop and Next commands for user friendly control of single or multi-channel playback operations.


Simple, easy to run solution for single or multi-channel syncronised installations. Perfect partner for our HD Panasonic PT-AE4000 projectors.






Stereo mini jack