Mac Mini
Playback Equipment

2 Mac Mini computers stacked on top of each other

Picture This offers a full video encoding and programming service with the Mac Mini. Costs are subject to quotation.


Apple Mac Mini
Weekly rate - £45.00
2 available for hire

Up to 35% discount available

Play uncompressed Quick Time and HD MPEG files from internal hard drive. Connect to a projector or screen using DVI for high quality digital video. Output sound over FireWire for clear digital audio.

Thousands of pounds can be spent on professional High Definition media players, the Mac Mini offers a comparatively affordable alternative. Ideal for large screen projection where picture quality is critical.

DVI / mini-DVI video output, FireWire or mini-jack audio output.

2.0Ghz processor, 4GB memory, upgraded to QuickTime Pro with Apple MPEG component. VLC Media Player installed, Final Cut Pro QT codecs installed. Mouse, keyboard and data monitor included.