Desktop & Small Projectors
Video Projectors

We offer a range of desktop projectors for small to medium size projection. These are lower in brightness than the bigger installation projectors but still produce bright and vivid pictures. Lens throw distances are short which makes them ideal for small spaces, rear projection and built environments. Our stock includes two palm size projectors.

Current range:

Christie LX25
2500 lumens LCD projector, native XGA 1024 x768, HDTV compatible
Weekly rate - £60.00
5 available for hire

Sanyo PLV-Z5
1100 lumens LCD projector, native HD720 1280 x 720, 10,000:1 contrast ratio
Weekly rate - £60.00
1 available for hire

Optoma EP-739H
2500 lumens 1-chip DLP, native XGA 1024 x 768, HDTV compatible
Weekly rate - £60.00
4 available for hire

Optoma EP-729
1100 lumens 1-chip DLP, only 19 x 14cm in size and less than 1Kg in weight
Weekly rate - £60.00
2 available for hire