Unexpected Encounters Dance/Video/Improvisation
Date: Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th June 2010.
Location: Wildgoose Space, Bristol

two people dancing with another person filming them


A two-day workshop for those interested in exploring the creative interface between improvised dance & video dance practice lead by Kirstie Simson and Katrina McPherson.

Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm
Price: £70.00
The nature of improvisation is process, on-going investigation and the practice of giving. We will look at ways in which improvisation can be used to generate video dance material - that is, work that will be experienced on-screen. We will also explore how camera techniques can capture the characteristics of improvised dance performance - spontaneity, energy, presence and connection to the audience. We will look at examples of editing as a next step in the process and in-camera editing techniques will be practiced. As facilitators Kirstie Simson and Katrina McPherson aim to seek a perfect balance between teaching, experimentation, enquiry and support and will explore the creative, aesthetic and philosophical areas of the discipline.

Some people may participate as on-screen performers only, others as camera operators and some may chose to move between the two areas of activity. During some parts of each session, the entire group will work and watch together, and at other times, smaller groups will form to explore particular ideas, tasks or projects. Participants should come with experience of filming and bring a video camera if they have one.

How to apply
Due to anticipated demands for this workshop we are inviting people to apply for spaces. Please apply by downloading and returning the application form from the menu on the right.

Deadline 4pm Friday 14 May 2010. We will notify applicants by 28 May 2010.

Additional programme
Friday 25th June
Time: 1pm - 5pm
Price: £20
Venue: Wildgoose Space, Bristol
As a precursor to the weekend sessions this additional session lead by Katrina McPherson will focus specifically on improvised video dance practice.

Friday 25th June
Time: 7pm
Price: free
Venue: Picture This, Bristol
A programme of film works contextualising current practices in dance for camera. Curated by Kyra Norman (The Light Fantastic) and Beth Alden (Picture This). Picture This are inviting submissions for this screening programme from Bristol based artists

Saturday 26th June
Time: 7pm
Price: free
Venue: Picture This, Bristol
Katrina McPherson and Kirstie Simson present excerpts from their new screendance work Force of Nature and share their experiences and thoughts on the processes of filming improvised dance.



Unexpected Encounters was developed by Lisa May Thomas with Katrina McPherson, Kirstie Simson and Kyra Norman.

Programmed by Lisa May Thomas. Lisa May Thomas and Picture This are working together during 2009-10 through the Bristol dance associates scheme, which is supported by Bristol City and the Arts Council England.

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