The Jarman Awards 2011 Shortlist Screening
Date: 29 - 30 September
Location: Picture This Studio, Bristol, UK


'Death Mask II', Ed Atkins


Picture This is hosting a split screening of the ten shortlisted works selected for the prestigious Jarman Awards 2011.

The ten artists shortlisted for the 2011 Jarman Award are: Ed Atkins; Clio Barnard; Claire Hooper; Anja Kirschner & David Panos; Hilary Koob-Sassen; Torsten Lauschmann; Elizabeth Price; Laure Prouvost; Imogen Stidworthy; and Corin Sworn.

Following in the footsteps of previous winners Luke Fowler (2008), Lindsay Seers (2009), and Emily Wardill (2010), the winner of the 2011 Film London Jarman Award will be awarded a £10,000 cash prize and a unique broadcast commission, with a budget of £20,000, to make film-based artwork for Channel 4's new art strand which will be launched later this year.

For the first year, the 2011 shortlist has been extended to present the work of 10 artists, in order to offer a more comprehensive survey of the work and practice of UK film and video artists, and celebrate the rich and eclectic array of work emerging in recent years.

The screening events at Picture This split the programme into three sections.

29 September, 6:30pm: Jarman Award Screening I

Ed Atkins, Elizabeth Price, Torsten Laushmann, Imogen Stidworthy, Claire Hooper.
Followed with an in conversation between Bridget Crone and Picture This' artist in residence, Claire Hooper.

30 September: Timed Screenings, 1pm, 2.30pm & 4.00pm
The Empty Plan by David Panos & Anja Kirchner.

30 September, 6:30pm: Jarman Award Screening II
Hilary Koob Sassen, Laure Prouvost,Corin Sworn,  Clio Barnard.

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Opening times:

29 September, 6:30 pm - Jarman Award Shortlist Screening I

30 September - Timed Screenings 12pm - 5pm
'The Empty Plan' by David Panos & Anja Kirchner

30 September, 6:30pm - Jarman Award Shortlist Screening II

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