Dawn Chorus
Date: 29 June - 04 August, 2007
Location: Picture This Atelier, Bristol, UK

exhibition space with people looking at projection screens


  • 1Dawn Chorus at Picture This, 2007
  • 2Marcus Coates with participants from Dawn Chorus at public event at Arnolfini, Bristol
  • 3Marcus Coates at public event at Arnolfini, Bristol

Dawn Chorus at Picture This, 2007


Dawn Chorus was the first exhibition in Picture This’ Atelier space in Bristol.


The five week exhibition comprised seven screens specially configured for the space, each inhabited by films of singers uncannily recreating birdsong in their ‘natural habitats'.

The exhibition came to Picture This after a show at BALTIC earlier in the same year. Dawn Chorus has since been shown in a variety of formats at exhibitions including Venice Biennale and Manifesta7.


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Marcus Coates

Coates has long been exploring metamorphosis through voice and sound. He produces fascinating films in which the human voice mimics complex birdsong.