Telling it and other works - Anne Tallentire
Date: 28 April - 02 May 2011
Location: Picture This, Bristol

In time, 04.14 – 06.46, 2009 (video still)


Picture This is delighted to present the work of Anne Tallentire. Working across a range of media and forms including installation, performance and moving image – Tallentire’s practice examines flux, mobility, chance and working with a dismantling, re-figuring and re-ordering of materials and systems primarily in relation to conditions relating to social and political life. Central to Tallentire’s investigation is how this might produce a practice that is in a way more or less permanently on the move, materially and conceptually.

For this New Cut we have selected works that reflect Tallentire’s range of moving image work, employing Drift a work that was made over several years and is often shown in different configurations as a leitmotif to punctuate and create a rhythm across the programme - Telling it and other works.

The programme includes:

In–time 4.14 – 6.02 [2010] a 13.50 minute single channel video) depicting the interior of a building during reconstruction. As the sun rises the mechanics and infrastructure of the architecture are slowly revealed until workers arrive to inhabit the space and continue their work on the building’s transformation.

Drift: diagram xii [2002-2010] is part of a series of 21 video works, varying between 24 seconds and 6 minutes 16 seconds in length and titled in relation to the time of day or night when filmed. Each staging of Drift and specific combination of parts of the work is identified as a numerical ‘diagram’ in order to draw attention to the necessity for critical consideration of context and the specific demands of each space and situation. Drift, shot in London, stages the everyday activities of people who work on the streets of the city.

Telling it [2006] is an 18 minutes 34 seconds video transferred from 16mm film that was produced in response to an invitation to make work that considered a journey from Tallentire’s home to a gallery located in the city of London. Telling it attempted to de-stabilise the primacy of ‘single shot’ by working within two imposed limits - the length of film stock and the time required to make the journey. Materialist principles were employed to explore a sign of the ‘absent performer’ setting in play a dialogue between the moving image and the static shot, resistance to narrative and a critical incorporation of the subjective trace.

Spool [2002] work-seth/tallentire, video performance, 4.35 minutes). A single recorded action in which a typewriter ribbon is unraveled from a discarded spool retrieved from the street near their studio. This work is typical of work-seth/tallentire, a collaborative practice with John Seth. Through this collaboration they propose a politics of improvisation and action that is addressed through the relationship between the making of art, agency, contingency and event.

Instances [1999 single channel video projection, 31 minutes, with sound). A video projection depicts, in real time, dawn rising over a nondescript view at the edge of the city. Sounds of the hum of city traffic gradually amplify as the video records what the viewers’ attention gets drawn to in the breaking light.

Anne Tallentire has shown widely nationally and internationally. She represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale in 1999 and most recently held a solo show at IMMA, Dublin in 2010. She is a Professor of Fine Art at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design.

28th April – Anne Tallentire in conversation with Lisa Panting, Director of Picture This following a screening of the programme that begins at 6 pm (suggested £2 donation)


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