In Profile: Marcus Coates

In Profile: Marcus Coates DVD


This DVD was developed by Picture This whilst Marcus Coates’ Dawn Chorus project was in production, it includes an interview with the artist by Tracey Warr about the ideas and processes that inform his work, a documentary about Dawn Chorus and an illustrated essay by Max Andrews.

The DVD also contains a selection of moving image works such as, Stoat, 1999, Sparrowhawk Bait, 1999, Out of Season, 2000, Indigenous British Mammals, 2000 (excerpts), A Guide to the British Non Passerines, 2002 (excerpts), Local Birds, 2001, Finfolk, 2003, Journey to the Lower World, 2004, Life in the Woods, 2004 (excerpts), Radio Shaman, 2006, Kamikuchi ‘The Mouth of God', 2006 (excerpts) as well as Dawn Chorus, 2007 (excerpts)

Marcus Coates' practice has continually questioned the ways in which we relate to other species. His work often documents his dark and humorous attempts to connect with, or become, an animal. His film/performance process aims to re-present definitions of humanness through the investigation of cross species consciousness. More recently this has led him to engage with communities, often to seek resolutions to social issues through shamanic ritual.



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