Yael Davids at Kunsthalle Basel
26th August 2011

Yael Davids: Ending with Glass
11 September–13 November 2011

Picture This is pleased to announce that a continuation of Learning to Imitate in Absentia, Learning to Imitate in Absentia II, by Yael Davids is being performed at Kunsthalle Basel as part of her new exhibition Ending with Glass. Learning to Imitate in Absentia was the result of a two week residency that Yael Davids undertook at Picture This earlier this year.

Learning to Imitate in Absentia was commissioned by Picture This and supported by the Mondriaan Foundation and BKVB (The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture).

Kunsthalle Basel


  • 1Learning to Imitate in Absentia, Performed at Picture This, 2011