Andrew Mania

Andrew Mania collects curiosities, recycling found objects and images and adding personal obsessions like yetis, abstract motifs or bird-like swarms.

In 2003 Andrew worked with Picture This through the Small Wonders Scheme to produce his first moving image pieces.

Moving Stills is a collection of videos which reflect Andrew's interests in collaging images together and portraiture. Following this in 2005 Picture This worked on the commission and production of Gogolin, a 16mm film work.

Solo exhibitions include: Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam 2006; Vilma Gold Gallery, London 2006; John Connelly Presents, New York 2005; Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco 2005; Vilma Gold, London 2002; Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool 2001.

Andrew Mania was born in 1974 in Bristol, where he still lives and works. He attended Falmouth School of Art and completed his MA at Chelsea College of Art in 1999. He is represented in the UK by Vilma Gold, London.


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