Mandy McIntosh

Mandy McIntosh is a Glasgow based artist who uses an array of media: animation, video and knitting in the development of her projects.

Employing a variety of methods McIntosh's work often responds to particular social, historical and geographical contexts. She worked with Picture This to produce Session, which was commissioned as part of the three Down at the Bamboo Club works in 2009.

'My work is very mobile, sometimes electronic, sometimes film, sometime objects. When I say mobile, I mean that it shifts context and form and methodology. Sometimes it's made in a site-specific sociological context, for example, a virtual reality simulacrum of a real mining village in Staffordshire which hosted a hypothetical monument to miners. Sometimes it's more simple. Recently, I made a garment which encapsulated my thinking on the symbolism of vultures in the American landscape.'

Mandy McIntosh is creative director of Ham and Enos, Ham and Enos were established in 2002 by Mandy McIntosh as a way to consolidate and house multi-disciplinary practice. Ham and Enos provide an atelier style workspace and context for film, animation, socially engaged public art and design. In 2004, Ham and Enos were awarded a BAFTA for Weightless Animals, an interactive work made from space archives and research at the NASA space centre in Houston.


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