Tom Marshman

Tom Marshman works across a wide range of disciplines including performance, photography, installation, publication and film.

Addressing issues that are often considered mundane or commonplace in a humorous, playful and eccentric way, Marshman celebrates the extraordinary in everyday objects and situations. In doing this, he explores how memory shifts our view of the world around us and how this can be re-interpreted and re-presented using different art forms. Actively encouraging a dialogue with his audience and participants, Marshman aims to create a safe space in which thoughts and experiences can be shared.

Performing and exhibiting locally, nationally and internationally. Marshman's work has been shown widely in and around Bristol and the South West; and also at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff; Camden Peoples Theatre, London; National Review of Live Art, Glasgow; and Berne Festival, Switzerland. He is also a founder member of The Performance Re-enactment Society; a member of Residence, an artist-led organisation creating space for artists to make performance, live art and theatre in Bristol; and was a core member of The Spaghetti Club (Arnolfini Associate artists, Bristol).


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