Gloria Ojulari Sule

Gloria Ojulari Sule joined the Small Wonders scheme in 2006-2007 and received support from Picture This in the making of HLM Costume.

Gloria Ojulari Sule's practice often references her personal experiences of being born in the UK but distanced at an early age from positive references to her African heritage and HLM Costume documents a very personal journey.

Ojulari Sule has worked extensively with schools, community groups and art organisations in both nationally and internationally and was involved with projects across Bristol as part of the nationwide Portrait of a Nation showcased at Liverpool 2008. Other past projects include Millpond Primary Black Bristolians and Bristol's City Museum and Art Gallery, and exhibitions including Black Market, Inside Out, Galleries of Justice, Nottingham 2004, and Working with the Riddims, Station, Bristol 2002.


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Small Wonders
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