Linda Quinlan

Linda Quinlan participated in the Visual Artists Ireland residency at Picture This in 2010.

Quinlan's preoccupations pulsate with a rigour, pouring over subjects that land in the vicinity of art making, spaces close to its mode of entry and the timing of its arrival. Much of her time is spent considering the tone set at entering an artwork and thinking about the rhythm that keeps you buoyant until the time for meaning to step forward and something tangible to seep through. She is drawn to the rhythmic rise and fall that transits between surface and penetration, articulated form and inarticulated sensation, participation and separation. Rhythm as a motif, underlines much of Quinlan's recent practice, standing for a way to move and a means to shape or build a work of art. A rhythmic pulse that resonates in whatever it meets, overlaying and pleating as it moves through space and time.

Linda Quinlan was born in Ireland and is living in the Netherlands. Recent exhibitions include the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, AutoItalia, London, CareOf Gallery, Milan, the Glucksman Gallery, Cork  and the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin. In 2009 she was awarded Dublin City Councils Arts Bursary Winner and a residency at Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris. She was the Irish representative for L'Art en Europe, Domaine Pommery, Reims and in 2008 was selected for the Fondazione Ratti Programme led by Yona Friedman. In 2006 she was awarded the Allied Irish Bank Prize. She is in the collection of the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the Arts Council of Ireland, as well as many private collections. She is currently undertaking an MFA at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam.


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Visual Artists Ireland Residency
2010 -

Artist Linda Quinlan is spending six weeks at Picture This through a pilot residency scheme in partnership with Visual Artists Ireland.

Linda Quinlan at Bloomberg Space

Picture This worked with Linda Quinlan in the summer of 2010 to develop new work as part of the Visual Artists Ireland Residency.