Tony Sinden

Sinden's practice spanned four decades of substantial production, experiment and exhibition.

He worked across mediums, looped film installation, and various expanded media, i.e. light, sound, video within architectonic space, single screen 16mm, expanded 16mm, video, installation, slide and site related. His works reflect a sculptural use of video and questions of media, materials, time and space. Producing a consistent body of work throughout his career Tony Sinden can be considered an important artist in his field.

"Tony Sinden was perhaps the individual artist who did most in the UK to establish the moving image as an expected feature in the gallery during 80s (the era before the YBA's 'discovered' video). For his series of film, still-image and video exhibitions at the ACME gallery, the ICA, the Arnolfini and the Hayward Annual, he made works that cleverly choreographed different moving and still elements in architectural space, often playing witty perceptual games with the viewer. Humour was almost always an element in his work, though in his late spectacular landscape-based installations he displayed his profound awareness of human folly and mortality".
David Curtis .

Picture This worked with Tony Sinden on commissions and his own projects for almost fifteen years. Following his death in 2009 Picture This continue to hold master tapes, artists' notes and documentary footage of his work.