Lisa May Thomas

Lisa May Thomas has worked with Picture This in a variety of ways since 2002.

Lisa May Thomas is a writer and director, working closely with dance, movement and choreography for film and video in the productions of short films, artistic documentaries and music videos.

Trained as a professional dancer at the Laban Centre in London (1992-95), Lisa has since trained, performed and toured with various dance companies, choreographers and directors including Janis Claxton & Co, Chris Ho and Victor Ma, Angus Balbernie and Angel Praed. She continues to choreograph for live performance.

Her introduction to film-making came in 2002, with the production of Wet (dance film and live multi-media performance). The film won The Place dance on screen production award (2002) and paved the way for further film-work; Greenwood (2003), Fall (2004), Ursula (2004), The Elders (2005) and Tea Time (2006).

In 2006, Lisa developed, directed and produced a (low-budget) music video with accompanying press-kit documentary and in 2007 worked with Arcane Dance Company on Challenge 59, an educational project in schools in the North West with aims are to raise awareness and spark the initiative of young people with regards to their health and lifestyle. The films were based on the children's storyboard ideas and filmed during 3-day residentials at each school.

Her work has been presented at national and international film festivals and events, broadcast for digital TV channels and the web and presented within the Community and Education sectors. Tea Time was selected for The ABC of dance4film screened on Channel 4 on for the Australia broadcasting Corporation in 2008.

Lisa held the position of Associate Artist for Dance and Camera supported by Dance Bristol, Dance South West and Watershed Media Centre in 2005-06 and was selected as an artist for Small Wonders with Picture This in 2005-06.
Lisa was also a Writer and Affiliate Lecturer for Dance on Screen on the Choreography Degree course at Dartington College of Arts in Devon (UK) and project manages national Screendance initiatives and events.


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