Varsity of Maneuvers

Varsity of Maneuvers is the name under which Birgit Auf der Lauer and Jorda Planellas make work and was formed in Bristol autumn 2007.

Varsity of Maneuvers' collaborative artistic practice is centred around human movement and its social, political and natural conditions, which allow movement to unfold or repress it. Their projects are realised and can be explored through physical participation and artistic documentation in various formats such as maps, videos, essays and performative lectures.

They are currently producing Way of the Goat through Picture This' Small Wonders Scheme and the Stiwdio Safle Award from Safle (Cardiff). In this project they are researching feral goats climbing skills in the attempt to find focus in the fear of moving on the vertical.

The artists work internationally but are based in Berlin and Barcelona.



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