Remote Sensing

Remote sensing: outlook and observation was a project consisting of three commissioned single screen film and video works which come together under the loose theme of looking at human perception and a sense of location.

Commissioned by the South West Media Development Agency, the project was devised by a group of representatives from SWMDA, Picture This Moving Image (Bristol), Spacex Gallery (Exeter) and Prema (Gloucestershire).

The three artists, Sarah Miles, George Barber and Monika Oeschler, were selected on the basis of applications made through an open submission in response to the theme of Remote Sensing: outlook + observation.

The accompanying publication - with an introduction to the works by Picture This Director Josephine Lanyon - contains a conversation between the three commissioned artists and Sarah-Jane Meredith (South West Screen) and Josephine Lanyon and the discussion looks at how an artist applies to commissioning schemes, and considers the distribution and placement of moving image work. The artists also discuss the lack of a conclusion in the three works and how Laura Mulvey's term ‘the gaze' can be relevant to the films.

Remote Sensing was made possible through a grant from the Arts Council of England's National Touring Programme with the additional financial support from SWMDA and South West Arts. In addition to the new commissions, a symposium entitles Blackout: cinema and contemporary and was organised by Spacex Gallery in collaboration with SAWMD and the Film and Video Umbrella.


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