Recorded Live
2007 - 2009

The three works in Recorded Live have been informed by the history of performance to camera and all question what constitutes a performance.

Ideas of performance here encompass the personal and physical, the everyday and miniscule and the fantastical and imagined. Each work explores how performance can be mediated using film, through using cinematic devices such as camera angles, repeated actions, multiple moments in time and realising the fictitious. For audiences work on film offers physical and temporal viewpoints not possible with live work.

Emerging in the 1960s and 70s as a radical medium, performance art replaced the traditional materials of art with the artist's own body. It combined elements from music, theatre, film, dance, painting and sculpture bringing art closer to life. Today many of these early seminal Happenings and Performances exist only in the photographs and films taken as documentation. The combination of filmic techniques and performative expression is a strong one and many artists today work with film and moving image as the exhibition platform of the work itself rather than simply a record of a moment. Performance for Camera has developed into a genre of work in its own right, with the performance itself no longer the primary goal - instead the piece is conceived and staged in order to create a moving-image work.

The works in Recorded Live have been produced by Picture This and commissioned by Picture This, South West Screen and in partnership with a major UK film or contemporary art festival. Recorded Live is supported by Arts Council England Lottery Funding.


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