by Dilesh Korya

woman's hands with bangles folding a sari


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Still from Sari


A short film about the fabric, dressing and wearing of a sari.

Sari is a short documentary focusing on the sari, its colours, textures and folding techniques. The film reflects generational attitudes to wearing the Sari and the garment's impact on the role and position of women in Asian communities.

Talking about the work film-maker Dilesh Korya said "Sari explores the relationship between some Indian women and the sari, the iconic garment of Indian Femininity. It defines them as Indian women, and as such, it can restrict, bind and suffocate them. I wanted to make a film that attempts to capture the contriction of the sari."


Year 1998
Original format
Screening format
Aspect ratio
Colour / B&W Colour
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Fillum! Third Prize British Asian Short Film Award 1998.

Screening history:

Broadcast on HTV (Dec. 1999).

Screened at festivals including: Fillum!, Luton (1998); START Moving Image Festival, Plymouth (1999); Home from Home, symposium Watershed, Bristol (1999); Bite the Mango, National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford (1999); Brief Encounters, Bristol (1999); Kino Film, Manchester (2000); Bristol Community Festival; Croydon Mela (2001).

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