Still Moving
by Charlotte Crewe

image of a woman lying on a bed in a strange possition wearing a red dressing gown


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Still from Still Moving


Developed from research into the documentation of sleep disorders, to look at the depiction of sleeping characters in films, particularly those of Alfred Hitchcock who was notorious for placing women under the scrutiny of the cinematic gaze.

In her application to the Watershed artists digital bursary 1999 Crewe outlined the work "Still Moving examines the fictionalization of unconsciousness through the reconstruction of film stills and moving images. The work self conciously reconstructs a universal experience as both intimate and unfamiliar. By transcribing bed scenes origianally directed by Hitchcock into texts then reconstructing these images from texts onto super 8mm film, the work deals with the space between the spectator and the performance 'text' which is conventionally closed by the director.

The process explores the converging of film and digital technology through editing and applying effects to the action. The iamges mix 'documentary' with 'acting' in the setting up and palying out of the scenes. These narratives are constructed and interpreted by and through the body. Technology is used to confront visual meanings, rupturing the relationship between cinematic representations, their objects and their effects whilst simultaniuosly examining the spectator's role as voyeur, viewer, author. By digitally intervening in the narrative structure the spectator is confronted with their own author-ative point of view which reverses the controlling spectacular space of cinema."


Year 1999
Duration 15 minutes
Original format 8mm
Screening format Beta SP
Aspect ratio
Audio No
Colour / B&W Colour
Screens 1


Commissioned by Picture This and Watershed.

Screening history:

START 2000