by Tony Sinden

image of rocky cliffs and trees reflected in an old fashioned car wing mirror


  • 1Still from Dichotomy

Still from Dichotomy


A video installation that is a “time-image” of the landscape of the American west in which the changing meaning of landscape is contemplated from multiple moments in time.

"The dramatic American Meltwater is the starting point for this exploration of nature, technology and the environment. Sinden's installation is a loop that is encountered in the middle of a darkened gallery space. Recalling the large scale landscape paintings from a century earlier, the images are seen on a large panoramic screen, suspended in the middle of the space, allowing the viewer to walk around the image that can be seen from both sides of the screen."

(Jeffrey Skoller in Everything Must Go catalogue, 2003)



Year 2000
Original format
Screening format
Aspect ratio
Colour / B&W colour
Screens 2 screen video installation

Screening history:

19 October 2000
LUX Centre, London, UK

11 November 2000
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, California, USA

10 – 26 November 2000
Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, California, USA

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