Tales from Ward 35 / Pooky the Giant Shrew
by Will Bishop-Stephens

a child's drawing showing a man falling out of a tree


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Video still from Tales from Ward 35


Will Bishop-Stephens produced two animated works with Picture This in 2003; a participatory project with Bristol's Hospital for Sick Children and a short film through the Small Wonders scheme.

Will Bishop Stephens' Tales from Ward 35 was a participatory project where the artist successfully worked with patients in the Renal and Adolescent Units to animate their daydreams and produce imaginary characters using Flash Animation. The young people made drawings of characters and provided an audio description of a simple plot that Will combined on a newly purchased multi-media laptop at their bedsides. The animated style is true to the patient's drawings combining drawings of varying quality into a single narrative animated film and has a naïve quality to it.

The short animated film Pooky the Giant Shrew was produced through Small Wonders.






Year 2003
Duration 1 minute
Original format
Screening format Beta SP
Aspect ratio 4:3
Audio Yes
Colour / B&W Colour
Screens 1

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