Double Exposure
by Sarah Tulloch

kaleidoscope image of green leaves


  • 1Film still from Double Exposure
  • 2Double Exposure installed at Picture This Atelier 2008
  • 3Double Exposure installed at Picture This Atelier, 2008

Film still from Double Exposure


Double Exposure by Sarah Tulloch uses 16mm film footage sourced from the BBC Natural History Unit archive. Selected shots of background landscape scenes from the original footage were edited according to their predominant colour; red, blue or green.

Sarah Tulloch produced Double Exposure through her time on Picture This' Small Wonders Scheme. Double Exposure was her first moving image work and Sarah was keen to explore the very physicality of working with 16mm footage. Sarah worked to re-film the NHU footage frame by frame and to manually edit using Picture This' steenbeck edit table. Sarah also worked with specialist 16mm organisations such as and Soho Images, London and Wurm in Rotterdam.

The resulting work is a three screen 16mm piece where each frame has been carefully duplicated and repeatedly overlaid creating new landscapes and shifting background and foreground. Used for their visual effects rather than the content of the footage Sarah was free to liberally rework the original natural history imagery to create a new work looking at formal concerns such as colour, pace and pattern. The layering of the film draws a new and seductive complexity from the familiar scenes, creating an almost liquid dance of material as background and foreground merge and mutate into Rorschach-like patterns within strictly edited colour sequences.



Year 2007
Duration 11 minutes
Medium 3 screen 16mm film projection
Original format 16mm film
Screening format 16mm film
Aspect ratio 4:3
Audio No
Colour / B&W Colour
Screens 3


Supported by Picture This through Small Wonders and project funding from South West Screen (RIFE Lottery funding).

Screening History:

23 January - 03 February 2008
International Film Festival Rotterdam

15 March – 19 April 2008
Picture This Atelier

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Sarah Tulloch

Sarah Tulloch's work investigates the cultural representation of landscape and its relationship to the material fabric of the photographic image.