There is a shipwreck in my bones
by Lisa May Thomas


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This work stems from a collection of writing and poetry by the artist inspired by stories of the sea.

Grit my teeth, clench my fingers and toes
My body grieves, my heart nothing
There is a shipwreck in my bones

From both afar and from within the intimate spaces of the dancers, a series of movement conversations are set against the backdrop of the sea. Time and states shifts from one scene to another and moments of contact and tenderness are juxtaposed with a sense of solitude.

Thanks to Dan Canham, Laura Dannequin and Beth Powlesland (Performers), Razaka Firmager (Camera)



Year 2011
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Audio Yes
Colour / B&W Colour
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Lisa May Thomas and Picture This are working together during 2009-10 through the Bristol dance associates scheme, which is supported by Bristol City and the Arts Council England.

Produced with additional support from Arts Council England.

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