Bamboo Memories
by Barby Asante

goup of women some with fans sat laughing at large round table


  • 11 minute extract from Bamboo Memories
  • 21 minute extract from Bamboo Memories (Screen 1)


  • 1Video Still from Bamboo Memories
  • 2Video still from Bamboo Memories
  • 3Video still from Bamboo Memories
  • 4Production image: Bamboo Club reunion event
  • 5Production image: Barby Asante talks to participants
  • 6Production image: Bamboo Club re-enactment
  • 7Production image: Barby Asante talking to actors

Video still from Bamboo Memories


Barby Asante’s two screen film offers a chance to look back on the Bamboo Club – the legendary Bristol social club and music venue.

The Bamboo Club, which ran during the 1960s and 1970s in St Pauls, has acquired symbolic value today for its role in the social scene of the time. As a venue that encouraged social interaction between communities, it was unique at a time when racial prejudices still prevented the employment of non-white drivers or conductors on Bristol buses. The Bamboo Club closed in 1977, but continues to hold powerful resonance today for the ongoing friendships it fostered and the positive affirmation of community relations it represented.

Run by renowned yachtsman Tony Bullimore, the club was frequented by many of the participants in this film. The artist arranged a reunion with those who frequented the Bamboo Club and recorded their related memories, providing a soundtrack to filmed re-enactments of imagined events at the Bamboo Club. Scenes from the reunion are shown alongside a theatrical recreation of the club staged with the use of props and costumes and actors hired for the occasion.



Year 2009
Duration 8 minutes 56 seconds
Original format RED 2k
Screening format
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Audio Yes
Colour / B&W Colour


Commissioned and produced by Picture This as part of Down at The Bamboo Club. Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and Audiences South West.

Screening history:

Picture This Atelier
12 September - 17 October 2009

Circomedia, Bristol, UK
26 & 27 October 2009
01 - 03 October 2009

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